iPad Program

Rosary Offers One-To-One Technology

Use of iPads in the classroom enhances the learning environment by broadening the walls of the classroom and giving students a wealth of educational materials. One-to-One personalized learning increases access to the internet during the school day and promotes the responsible and ethical use of today’s technology.

Rosary High School introduced One-to-One Student Technology at the start of the 2014-15 school year.

All Rosary students need an iPad for daily use. IPads may be purchased directly from Apple or any local distributor. An iPad or iPad Pro with wi-fi and at least 32 GB or more of storage is recommended. The iPads come with free apps for books, documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. These models have adequate speed, memory and battery life for classroom use. A protective case will be necessary to protect your investment.

About the iPad Program

The iPad Program integrates technology into the best practices of the school. The iPad initiative:
  • Provides cost savings (digital content vs. traditional textbooks) and give students additional powerful tools for preparation and organization.  Another practical benefit: a lighter backpack.
  • Provides powerful tools to students and teachers to create engaging and interactive learning environments.
  • Empowers students to engage in learning activities relevant to a rapidly-changing digital world and promote 21st century skills, and learning strategies.
  • Encourages responsible digital citizenship.

iPad FAQs

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  • Can my student use an iPad she already owns.

    Your student may use the device she already owns provided it meets the recommended specifications and your student has access to this device on a daily basis. Each student should have a dedicated iPad for her own use.
  • Must my student use the iPad in school?

    Yes, every student will need to bring an iPad to school. Much of the content for your student’s courses will be delivered electronically. Your student will need their iPad to access this content (textbooks, websites, files, etc.).
  • What are the specifications for the device?

    We recommend an iPad or iPad Pro with at least 32 GB or more of storage which come with free apps for books, documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.

    With regard to storage capacity, consider potential course materials and personal items the student may be storing on the iPad. An average textbook can take up 1 GB of storage. Photos, videos, apps and software updates also consume considerable space.

    A protective case should be purchased for the iPad as it is a fragile device and can break easily when dropped. We recommend a case which protects the corners of the device as they can be easily damaged.

    An Apple ID and iTunes account will be necessary.

    A warranty, such as Apple Care+, is strongly recommended so that the device can be repaired in the event that it is damaged. Consult with your insurance carrier regarding coverage in the event of theft.
  • Will the school provide the iPad?

    No. Each student must purchase her own iPad.

Financial Considerations

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Safety Considerations

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