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Royal Rewards

Royal Rewards purchases debit cards from Great Lakes Scrip Center at a discount. The amount of the discount/rebate is determined by the individual companies that offer the debit cards. Rosary's Royal Rewards program offers participants 75% of the rebate in the form of Rosary tuition credit, or as credit to the Rosary Area of Greatest Need fund, or as credit to the Rosary Scholarship Fund. The remaining 25% of the rebate is designated for Royal Rewards program expenses. Surplus from the 25% is given to the Rosary Scholarship Fund.
Rosary's Royal Rewards Rebate program is a uniquely rewarding shopwithscrip program; it costs participants nothing extra, yet yields significant tuition credit to those who participate. Some families have earned $1000 to $2000 in a year's time as tuition credit for their daughter or for one of two other RHS funds.

Rosary families and friends purchase the cards at face value. The Royal Rewards Rebate Program in turn purchases gift cards from the Great Lakes Scrip Center. All participating businesses grant rebates of varying amounts for the purchased cards. Participants earn 75% of the rebate in the form of tuition credit or a donation to Rosary’s Area of Greatest Need or an RHS Scholarship Fund. The remaining 25% of the rebate is used for shipping charges and Royal Rewards supplies. Surplus from the program goes to the RHS scholarship fund. It is indeed "effortless" profit. Purchases made during the school year are paid for through PrestoPay (a bank account or credit card set up in your shopwithscrip profile or by check. Purchases made from mid-May through mid/late-August can only be made by using PrestoPay for gift card reloads and eGift Cards visible in the Wallet of the RaiseRight mobile app. No physical gift cards are shipped during the summer. However, participants continue to be credited 75% of the rebates on reloads and eGift Cards as tuition credit or toward scholarships or the area of greatest need.

The Royal Rewards Rebate Program is fully operational from the end of August through mid-May. Dates and information are available on the RHS school calendar and in Digital Lockers on TeacherEase.

Royal Rewards distributes the profit three times a year: late August; late November, and late April. The profit is paid to Rosary High School as designated by the participant to be applied toward tuition or to another RHS fund option. Participants have access, at any time, to view their progress at in the "Family Profile" section. There, participants can see what money is applied to tuition or another designated choice.

Complete the Rosary High School Royal Rewards Rebate Registration Form (see "Registration Form" above), print it, sign it, and deliver it to the Rosary High School main office in an envelope marked “Royal Rewards."

Log on to and enter the RHS enrollment code: 1F232FAE8L87, or download the RaiseRight app on your mobile device. Enter the enrollment code 1F232FAE8L87.
Be certain to enter the first and last name of the student who will receive tuition credit followed by the year the student will graduate. If a subscriber is not directing profit to a student's tuition, then in the section entitled "Classroom/Group," write RHS Friend or Supporter, or RHS Faculty/Staff or another appropriate description. The total registration process for Royal Rewards is now complete.

To order scrip, go to, sign in, then click on SHOP at the top of any page. Select items and quantities, and click on the “add to cart” button. Click the “check out” button when you have completed your selections. Review your order, and click the “finish” button to submit your order. Finally, you will see an “order confirmation page.” Print the order confirmation page. Scrip orders may be placed online at anytime during the week, BUT no later than 11 p.m. Sunday night for the Royal Rewards Rebate Program. If orders are paid for by check, make the check payable to Rosary Royal Rewards. Put the check and a copy of the order in the RHS High Endeavors Blue Bag (First-time participants may turn in the order and check in a sealed envelope marked "Royal Rewards Order.") The blue bag with the check and copy of the order must be turned in before school begins on Monday morning. At the start of the school day on Monday morning all Scrip orders are formally confirmed online by the Royal Rewards coordinator. Late orders or orders without payment are not confirmed and may be canceled (thus necessitating the participant to reorder them the following week).
The orders are ready for pick up the following Thursday and Friday. Filled orders are in the participant's blue bag at the main office of Rosary High School. The person receiving the blue bag and contents is asked to verify reception of the products by his/her signature. Participants keep the blue bag until their next order is placed. If the blue bag is lost, there is a five dollar replacement fee.

PrestoPay is a convenient way for subscribers to pay for their orders online at the same time the order is placed. With PrestoPay, the payment is electronically deducted from the subscriber's checking account. Additional information about PrestoPay is available on the website.

Contact or call 630-896-0831 x 210.
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