About Us

Portrait of a Rosary Graduate

Rosary High School was founded by the Springfield Dominican Sisters and is built upon the foundation of Dominican life. Four elements of Dominican life that Rosary students learn, practice and live are prayer, study, community, and preaching. These elements are called “pillars” because they provide support for Dominican life. Upon graduation, Rosary students possess the following qualities, supported by the four pillars:


Experiencing God’s Love

The Rosary High School graduate:
  • Preaches and lives through celebration of the liturgy and Eucharist.
  • Is beginning to contemplate, understand, and demonstrate how God’s Word is revealed in Scripture and daily living.
  • Shares the fruits of her contemplation with others.
  • Recognizes that every individual is a child of God.
  • Demonstrates compassion and concern for others through prayer.


Being Grounded in the Word

The Rosary High School graduate:
  • Leaves Rosary confident that she has been academically well-prepared for college and beyond.
  • Pursues a college education and career knowing that women need not be confined by gender stereotypes.
  • Values the gift of life-long learning.
  • Seeks the truth in all things, both academic and personal.
  • Understands that the ultimate goal of study is the service of truth.


Encountering the Word of God

The Rosary High School graduate:
  • Believes that interdependence experienced through community directs us toward the common good.
  • Promotes racial and cultural understanding.
  • Is compassionate and cooperative.
  • Promotes social activism.
  • Remains active in her faith community.


Compassionately Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Rosary High School graduate:
  • Speaks the Gospel message.
  • Preaches through life example.
  • Believes that action for justice is fundamental to the Gospel message.
  • Continues to preach with her life by remaining dedicated to community service and volunteerism.
Rosary High School is a Catholic, college-prep high school for young women sponsored by the Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Illinois. Rosary creates a sisterhood of truth, faith and strength.