Special Services

The only vehicle for students to receive accommodations at Rosary through the Counseling & Advising Office is via a 504 Plan.  Below are the guidelines that are followed for the establishment of such a plan. 

Guidelines for students requesting accommodations under a 504 Plan:

Students attending Rosary High School may be evaluated for a 504 Plan if they have a documented physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.  A diagnosis of a physical or mental impairment does not automatically mean that a student can receive Section 504 services.  The diagnosis must cause a substantial limitation on the student's ability to learn or other major life area (Office of Civil Rights, 2011).  Students with mild or moderate limitations are not eligible for 504 Plan services.

At no time can a 504 Plan create an advantage for a student with a disability.  The purpose of a 504 Plan is to create a fair and equitable educational setting in which a student with a disability will have the same opportunity to achieve in school as as student without a disability.  At no time should accommodations under a 504 Plan provide advantage to any student.

Sources that are used to determine Section 504 eligibility:
  • Achievement tests
  • Rosary teacher recommendations and evaluations
  • Academic record
  • Testing information by outside sources (this information will be provided by parents/guardians).  Testing information may include names of tests performed, results from tests performed, and evaluation of testing materials.
  • Diagnosis made by outside source (provided by parent/guardian). Diagnosis must be on letterhead and have original signature.

Determination of 504 Plan services will be made by Section 504 team members.  These team members will include student's counselor, Dean of Student Services, and faculty members.
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