Technology Program

Rosary Offers One-To-One Technology

Use of Technology in the classroom enhances the learning environment by broadening the walls of the classroom and giving students a wealth of educational materials. One-to-One personalized learning increases access to the internet during the school day and promotes the responsible and ethical use of today’s technology.

Rosary High School introduced One-to-One Student Technology at the start of the 2014-15 school year.

All incoming Rosary students need a laptop for daily use. Your own laptop may be purchased directly from any local distributor. A Laptop with at least 64 GB or more of storage is recommended. Your laptop will need to be able download free apps for books, documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. These models have adequate speed, memory and battery life of at least 6 hours for classroom use. A protective case will be necessary to protect your investment.

About the Technology Program

Using your own laptop integrates technology into the best practices of the school. The Technology initiative:
  • Provides cost savings (digital content vs. traditional textbooks) and give students additional powerful tools for preparation and organization.  Another practical benefit: a lighter backpack.
  • Provides powerful tools to students and teachers to create engaging and interactive learning environments.
  • Empowers students to engage in learning activities relevant to a rapidly-changing digital world and promote 21st century skills, and learning strategies.
  • Encourages responsible digital citizenship.

Technology FAQs

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  • Can my student use a laptop she already owns.

    Your student may use the device she already owns provided it meets the recommended specifications and your student has access to this device on a daily basis. Each student should have a dedicated laptop for her own use.
  • Must my student use the Laptop in school?

    Yes, every student will need to bring a laptop to school. Much of the content for your student’s courses will be delivered electronically. Your student will need their Laptop to access this content (textbooks, websites, files, etc.).
  • What are the specifications for the device?

    Under the 1:1 Bring your Own Laptop Device Program, students are expected to bring their
    own laptop to school each day. This laptop needs to meet device specifications that are
    recommended by the school and listed below. The device specifications identify the minimum
    system requirements/hardware specifications for student devices and offer guidance on some
    suggested makes and models so that parents are fully informed about requirements. While all
    devices meet the minimum system requirements/hardware specifications, the school strongly
    recommends that students choose a laptop to ensure that their device maximizes their learning
    Device Type Windows Laptop and         Surface Mac Laptop
    Operating System Windows 11              MacOS Monterey
    Version 23H2, October 2023                   Or newer
    or newer
    Minimum Screen Size 11”                     Minimum Screen Size 11"     
    Minimum Storage Capacity: 64 GB Hard Drive 64 GB Hard Drive
    Minimum RAM: 8 GB                              8 GB
    Minimum Battery Life: 6 hours               6 hours
    Suggested Accessories Protective
    case/cover Headphones
    Protective case/cover Headphones
    Considerations ● Accidental loss and breakage insurance/AppleCare ● Disk
    configuration on laptops: solid state drive
    Functional Specifications
    In addition to the minimum requirements, the device must meet all of the following functional
    requirements pertaining to software.
    Form Factor
    Laptop or convertible device with a physical
    keyboard attachment with separate keys for A-Z and
    0-9 and must physically move when depressed. It
    must run one of the specified operating systems.

    Operating System
    See the O/S specifications. Please
    note, Androids and iPads are intentionally omitted from
    the hardware specifications as they will not meet the
    minimum requirements of our BYOD program.

    Education Software
    ● Web Browser: Chrome (mandatory) additional web
    browsers such as Safari, Firefox, etc. may be installed
    ● Google Apps as available by device
    ● PDF Reader
    ● Java
    ● Additional subject-specific software may be required

    Rosary High School strongly recommends a cloud or USB
    based backup solution. Students must ensure that their
    files are regularly backed up.

    Antivirus software is required on all student computers.

    Rosary High School makes no recommendation toward one brand or supplier, however, the
    following suppliers indicate that they provide devices which meet the minimum specifications:
    ● Lenovo Thinkpad or Yoga
    ● Microsoft Surface Pro
    ● Apple Macbook Pro & Air
    ● Dell XPS or Inspiron Series
    ● Asus Zenbook
    We recommend you use this as a starting point, but conduct your own research and select a
    device that best meets the student’s needs and budget. Please note: Devices with
    Windows 10 S and Chromebooks do not meet the specifications as they do not allow for software downloads
  • Will the school provide the Laptop?

    No. Each student must purchase her own Laptop.

Financial Considerations

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Safety Considerations

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