Ways to Give

Donate Online
You can contribute to our Annual Fund quickly and securely online using any major credit card.

The Ignite Fund
The Ignite Fund is the cornerstone of giving to Rosary High School. This fund comprises unrestricted giving from all sources that support all school programs and activities. Teacher salaries, scholarship aid, library books, technology and building maintenance are all funded in part by annual giving. Without a vibrant Ignite Fund, tuition would have to be raised to support these programs, thus the Ignite Fund enables the school to keep tuition at an affordable level for families.

Capital Gifts
Capital gifts are gifts specifically restricted (by the donor) for capital needs that include endowment funds as well as funds for construction or renovations of permanent facilities.

Endowment Funds
Endowment funds ensure Rosary's future as an institution of the highest quality. Gifts specified for endowment purposes can be designated to support scholarships, teacher salaries, or general purposes, as well as new program development.

Memorial Gifts
A gift in memory of someone you love or admire can be a particularly meaningful way to contribute to Rosary. A memorial gift may be made to the Annual Fund or as a capital gift and may be restricted or unrestricted.

Gifts in Kind
Non-cash gifts of property such as computers, books, scientific equipment, art materials, etc. also make important gifts. The fair market value of such items, determined by the donor, is deductible for income tax purposes. A formal appraisal is required by the IRS for gifts in kind valued at over $5,000.

Gifts of Securities
A donor that owns appreciated securities can benefit in two ways by making a gift of securities to Rosary High School. First, they will be able to claim a charitable income tax deduction for the full value of the shares, and second, they will be able to avoid the capital gains tax that would have been due if they sold the shares. 

Ways to Give

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  • Empower Illinois

    The Empower Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program helps to provide need-based direct scholarships to students. Donors receive a 75% credit on their Illinois state income taxes.

    Imagine the impact you can make in a family's life. Please consider participating in this impactful opportunity. Rosary students will benefit from the chance to receive an excellent education, and you will benefit from the tax credit!

    Make your TCS donation here: Tax Credit Scholarship Donation

    Please designate Rosary High School as the Scholarship Granting Organization.

    All Illinois tax payers are eligible to participate in this powerful program.

    Participating donors will receive Illinois state income tax credits in the amount of 75 percent of your total qualified contribution.

    These are tax dollars that are already being paid to the state, they are simply being put to work directly as scholarships if you participate and designate the funds to benefit Rosary High School.

    Rosary suggests consulting with a personal tax professional about the implications and benefits of donating to Rosary via this program.

    Helpful Links
    FAQs from Empower Illinois
    Step-By-Step Instructions for Donating
    Video with Donating Instructions
  • Endowment Funds

    A commitment to offer a Rosary education to all qualified students, regardless of their financial standing, is a traditional and widely-acknowledged strength of our school. We simply do not want capable students excluded for financial reasons.

    To this end, every Rosary student received some form of financial assistance because the actual cost to educate a student is approximately $1,300 more than the amount of tuition. In addition, we award nearly $140,000 in financial assistance to young Rosary women with demonstrated financial need – some 20% of the student body – each year. Yet, the legitimate requests for aid far exceed the funds currently available. It is imperative to strengthen Rosary High School’s financial aid endowment pool for the sake of educating talented and deserving students in the years ahead, and it serves to keep tuition affordable for all area families.

    We are committed to:
    • Strengthening the school by accepting the strongest possible students without regard for their ability to pay the full tuition.
    • Ensuring that a Rosary education remains affordable for all families.
    • Enriching the school community by reaching out to a more diverse population.

    Several endowment opportunities will honor these commitments:

    General Scholarship Fund
    Gifts of any size designated for financial aid endowment will be pooled in this fund. Earnings will be awarded on an annual basis by Rosary High School’s Financial Aid Committee

    Named Scholarship Endowments
    Gifts of $50,000 or more will provide a named scholarship in the student financial aid program. Such gifts can honor or memorialize a family member or friend, or the benefactor. Each year, donors will be sent information about the specific students their generosity supports, as well as the investment performance of the fund.

    For more information, please contact the Director of Philanthropy & Alumnae at (630) 896-0831 x250 or
  • Gifts of Securities

    A donor who owns appreciated securities can benefit in two ways by making a gift of securities to Rosary High School. First, they will be able to claim a charitable income tax deduction for the full value of the shares, and second, they will be able to avoid the capital gains tax that would have been due if they sold the shares.

    When making a gift of securities, it is important that you arrange for a direct transfer of your securities to Rosary High School and not sell them yourself. Contact the Rosary High School business office for additional information.

    The instructions to wire securities to the Rosary High School account are:
    DTC Instructions
    DTC #0793 (clearing firm Stifel)
    Rosary High School 36-2491287
    Account Number B153-7069-5280

    Please contact Cindy Ybarra, Business Manager at Rosary High School, to notify her of your gift. Please include the following information:
    • Donor name and address
    • Name of security being transferred
    • Number of shares
    • Date of transfer

    Cindy Ybarra
    630-896-0831 x215
    Cheryl Schneider can answer any questions should you need assistance with the donation process.

    Cheryl Schneider
    Registered Sales Associate
    Stifel, Nicolaus & Co., Inc.
    (630) 845-2923 direct
    (630) 232-6525 fax

    Once the stock is transferred to Stifel, they will notify Rosary of the transfer, sell the stock, and can send the proceeds in the form of a check on your behalf. Stifel does not charge any fees to Rosary High School. Rosary will then notify you of the completed transaction.

    Thank you for considering this form of a donation.
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  • Guardian Angel Fund

    Rosary's Guardian Angel Scholarship Fund provides need-based tuition assistance to families who want to send their daughter(s) to Rosary High School, but are not able to afford to pay the full tuition. Our goal is to ensure that no young woman is denied a Catholic school education due to financial constraints.

    By becoming a Guardian Angel, you will help a Royal in need. She will receive an education of the highest caliber and go out with the tools and skills she needs to create a lasting impact on the world.

    Be a Guardian Angel. Give today. Help a student in need. To donate, choose "Guardian Angel Fund" from the drop down menu on the Donate Form.
  • Matching Gifts

    Double Your Dollars...Double Your Impact! Your employer may join you in support of Rosary High School through a matching gift program.

    Some employers will match a gift an employee makes to an educational institution or other non-profit on a 1:1, 2:1, or even a 3:1 basis as an employee benefit.

    Our online donation form has a tool that provides the names of more than 16,000 companies that offer matching gift programs. Scroll down to the Matching Gifts section and type in a company name. If that company offers a matching gifts program, follow the links to obtain the proper paperwork. Forward the company form along with your gift and Rosary will do the rest.

    Rosary will give full credit to the donor for any gift they make as well as any match their employer makes. For example, a gift of $250 from a donor matched by their employer on a 1:1 basis for an additional $250 will credit the donor with a $500 gift to Rosary.
    Your spouse may qualify for a matching gift as well. Restrictions do apply on some gifts, but certainly ask your human resources department for information on qualifying gifts.

    If you have additional questions, please contact the Director of Development at or (630) 896-0831 x250.

Effortless Fundraising

You can help raise funds in support of Rosary High School as you go about your day-to-day activities through the following programs such as Royal Rewards gift cards/script and iGive.

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  • iGive - Fine Arts Boosters

    Shop at these or 2,300+ stores at and do more good for Rosary High School Fine Arts Boosters. More than $9,100,000 raised for great causes since 1997. Use the iGive Button and shop online as you normally would - no added steps. Use this link:
  • Royal Rewards

    Royal Rewards purchases debit cards from Great Lakes Scrip Center at a discount. The amount of the discount/rebate is determined by the individual companies that offer the debit cards. Rosary's Royal Rewards program offers participants 75% of the rebate in the form of Rosary tuition credit, or as credit to the Rosary Area of Greatest Need fund, or as credit to the Rosary Scholarship Fund. The remaining 25% of the rebate is designated for Royal Rewards program expenses. Surplus from the 25% is given to the Rosary Scholarship Fund.
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