Sister Mary Joseph Scholarship

Sister Mary Joseph Weigand, OP, was the founding principal of Rosary High School. She served as principal from 1962 to 1970 and returned to Rosary from 1979-2003, serving in a variety of capacities. The Dominican Sisters of Springfield opened Rosary on Sept. 4, 1962 in the former Holy Angels grade school on South Locust Street in Aurora. As principal, Sister Mary Joseph oversaw construction of a new school in the spring of 1963 at 901 N. Edgelawn Drive, where the campus is today.

Born Helena Marie Weigand in Beardstown, Illinois, Sister Mary Joseph joined the Springfield Dominicans in 1949. She died on August 15, 2015 at the age of 91.

The Rosary Alumnae Association founded the Sister Mary Joseph Alumnae Scholarship in her honor in the early 1980s  The scholarship is awarded to the daughter of a Rosary alumna based on entrance exam scores.
Recipients of the Sister Mary Joseph Scholarship
(By Year Awarded)

2023: Caroline Hernandez, daughter of Cristina (Renteria ’96) Hernandez
2022: Madalyn Sperlakis, daughter of Donna (Sirek '93) Sperlakis
2021: Sydney Hess, daughter of Kristi (Waters '91) Hess
2020: Alexis Brennan, daughter of Suzanne (Hollis ‘87) Brennan
2019: Reegan Barr, daughter of Rebecca (Arbizzani ‘92) Barr
2018: Evelyn Scheel, daughter of Gretchen (Feuerborn ‘93) Scheel
2017: Kaylee Grzenia, daughter of Mary Lou (Cibulskis ‘83) Grzenia
2016: Kaley Walsh, daughter of Marcy (Hirner ‘90) Walsh
2015: Kaleigh Lentz, daughter of Judy (Miller ‘87) Lentz
2014: Maya Guzniczak, daughter of Kelly (Stare ‘90) Guzniczak
2013: Clare Rickel, daughter of Therese (Queenan ‘85) Rickel
2012: Rachel Loy, daughter of Nadine (Rannin ‘88)
2011: Genevieve Streich, daughter of Janet Nickels (’79)
2010: Tess Fitzsimmons, daughter of Sheila (Hughes ‘78) Fitsimmons
2009: Courtney Cox daughter of Erica (Mueller ‘86) Cox
2008: Melissa Lifka, daughter of Susan (Miller ‘82) Lifka
2007: Danielle Gray, daughter of Christine (Rutsay '86) Lundell 
2006: Madeline Milnamow; Katie Eckberg, daughter of Lorene (Fabrizius '74) Eckberg
2005: Cassandra Strode, daughter of Diana (Wisniewski ’77) Strode
2004: Shannon O'Shea, daughter of Margaret (Heaton ‘77) O'Shea
2003: Michelle Witte, daughter of Diann (Brendli ’78) Witte
2002: Emily McGough, daughter of Ellen Barnes (’70)
2001: Kristina Gregory, daughter of Carolyn (Dedrick ‘81) Gregory
2000: Jane Rickert, daughter of Mary Jo (Marsh ‘71) Rickert
1999: Caitlin Feehan, daughter of Carolyn (Murphy ‘73) Feehan
1998: Valerie Currie, daughter of Jean (Guzauskas ‘72) Currie
1997: Meghan Bohr, daughter of Jane (Milroy ‘72) Bohr
1996: Katherine Latta, daughter of Linda (Mackow ‘71) Latta
1995: Sarah Currie, daughter of Jean (Guzauskas ‘72) Currie
1994: Laura Roche, daughter of Linda (Deutsch ‘69) Roche
1993: Nicole Bowen, daughter of Theresa (Kilian ‘71) Bowen
1992: Katherine Roche, daughter of Linda (Deutsch ‘69) Roche
1991: Amy Nagis, daughter of Cindy (Marsh ‘66) Nagis
1990: Colleen Grabow, daughter of Katherine (Giannotti ‘70) Grabow
1989: Margaret Glenney, daughter of Kathleen (Kinnally ‘66) Glenney
1988: Kathleen Glenney, daughter of Kathleen (Kinnally ‘66) Glenney
1987: Jennifer Grabow, daughter of Katherine (Giannotti ‘70) Grabow
1986: Jennifer Michels
1986: Bridget Hankes, daughter of Maryl (Garrity ‘68) Hankes
1985: Suzanne Scanlon, daughter of Mary Louise (Solfisburg ‘67) Scanlon
Rosary High School is a Catholic, college-prep high school for young women sponsored by the Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Illinois. Rosary creates a sisterhood of truth, faith and strength.