Rosary Beads Swim Through Indiana University- Purdue University For National Club Swimming Association Championship

Kendall Mallers
Rosary Beads Swim Through Indiana University- Purdue University
National Club Swimming Association Championship 

Monday July 24th, 2023, nine Rosary Beads went down to IUPUI Natatorium, Indianapolis for the week to compete in Long Course NCSA Championships with their club team, Academy Bullets. (Lauren O’Connor, ‘24, Kendall Mallers ‘25, Liv Moore ‘25, Elizabeth Nawrocki ‘25, Becky Rentz ‘25  Bella Wojtowicz ‘25, Allie Casanovas ‘26  Ariyana Nieckula ‘26, and Annabelle Nawrocki ‘27). The girls team started the week off with an interesting team dinner theme….. BALD CAPS. Our girls had a lot of fun with this theme dressing up as Gru, Minions, M&M’s, the Lorax, and many more characters. 

Wednesday July 26th, 2023, the Academy Bullets made their way over to IUPUI’s pool to kick off the five day long meet with lots of fast racing and extraordinary time drops. The events were 100 freestyle, 200 backstroke, 50 Butterfly.  Finalists were Becky Rentz, qualified for Summer Juniors and US. Open in 100 Free. Lauren O’Connor qualified for Summer Juniors in the 200 Backstroke. Becky Rentz and Bella Wojtowicz competed in the 50 Fly. 

Thursday July 27th, 2023, Day 2 of the meet has begun. Our team started off exceptionally well and was ready for another day of racing! Today's events were 200 Freestyle, 100 Breastroke, and 200 Butterfly. Finalslist were Becky Rentz, who set a new team record, qualified for Summer Juniors in 200 Freestyle. Elizabeth Nawrocki, Bella Wojtowicz and Liv Moore swam 100 Breastroke. Kendall Mallers, Allie Casanvoas, and Ariyana Nieckula swam the 200 Butterfly.

Elizabeth Nawrocki (‘25) finished in first place for 100 Breaststroke winning the event and qualifying for the U.S. Olympic Team Trials. Elizabeth has worked extremely hard for this goal and she absolutely crushed the race and qualifying time! We cannot wait to see what wonderful things Elizabeth does at trials in June 2024!! 

Friday July 28th, Day 3 of the meet! After the great swims the past two days, we’re ready for more phenomenal races! Today's events were 400 Individual Medley, 50 Breaststroke, and 100 Backstroke. Finalists were Allie Casanvoas in the 400 Individual Medley. Elizabeth Nawrocki, Liv Moore, and Bella Wojtowicz all swam the 50 Breastroke. Lauren O’Connor and Annabelle Nawrocki swam the 100 Backstroke both qualifying for Winter Juniors. 

Saturday July 29th, 2023, Day 4 of the meet! It was now down to the final two days. Our team was seeded second combined men and women and second for women. We were determined to keep crushing our races to raise our team's score even more.  The events include 400 Freestyle, 100 Butterfly, and 200 Breaststroke. Finalists in 100 Butterfly included Becky Rentz, Kendall Mallers, Ariyana Nieckula. Elizabeth Nawrocki, Bella Wojtowicz, and Liv Moore competed in the 200 Breastroke. 

Sunday July 30th, 2023, Today is day 5 of 5! The girls were ready to fire up for their races in hopes of staying in second place! The events were 50 Backstroke, 200 Individual Medley, 50 Freestyle. Finalists were Annabelle Nawrocki and Lauren O’Connor in the 50 Backstroke. 200 Individual Medley included Becky Rentz, Bella Wojtowicz, and Elizabeth Nawrocki. And Becky Rentz concluded finals in the 50 Freestyle.  

These ladies had truly amazing swims the whole meet and everyone’s hard work and dedication paid off!! The girls got runner-up and the team finished second overall!! We were thrilled and extremely proud of each other! Truly an impeccable way to end the meet and prepare for high school season! 
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